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“Inter Miami’s Thrilling Victory Over Sporting Kansas City: A Game-Changing Moment in Their 2023 Season”

The Big Question

The big question was whether Inter Miami could win without Lionel Messi.

Heading: A Resounding Answer

The answer to that question was given with great enthusiasm as Miami defeated Sporting Kansas City 3-2.

Match Start with Sporting KC’s Strong Performance

The match started with an impressive performance from Sporting Kansas City, with Daniel Salloi scoring an early goal within the first ten minutes, a rebound shot that goalkeeper Drake Callender failed to stop. Despite Alan Pulido’s efforts to bring Sporting KC back with a goal in the second half, it proved insufficient to secure a win.

Leo Campaña’s Outstanding Performance

Leo Campaña delivered an exceptional performance throughout the game and scored two goals for Miami in the absence of Messi. In the 60th minute, Facundo Farías added another goal, sealing Miami’s victory against Sporting Kansas City.

International Duty Players in Inter Miami

Inter Miami had eight key players on international duty, including striker Josef Martínez (Venezuela), midfielder Robin Taylor (Finland), and 18-year-old standout Benjamin Kreamaschi (USA).

Miami CF’s Playoff Hopes

With a 3-2 victory over Sporting Kansas City in South Florida, Miami CF secured three crucial points, keeping their playoff hopes alive. After this significant win, Miami CF is now just six points away from the playoff line.


While both teams will clash behind the net, Campaña will score two goals because of his impactful production for the Heroes. It’s only a matter of time until he secures a spot in the starting eleven alongside Messi, and this game will be his stage. Choose: Inter Miami 3, Sporting Kansas City 1.



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